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Today, 29th July 2014 WikiLeaks releases an unprecedented suppression order by the Australian Supreme Court in Melbourne, Victoria, made on June 19th 2014, with regards to a multi-country, multi-million dollar corruption case. The supression order forbids any discloures, by publication or otherwise, of any information relating to the court case by anyone, including the Australian media, ensuring complete secrecy around the largest corruption case in Australia. The order also forbids any disclosures about the order itself, and specifically commands no mention be made of the affirmed affidavit submitted to the court by Gillian Bird, a career diplomat, currently appointed as a deputy Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Bird is one of Australia's most senior and experienced diplomats and is responsible for relations with South East Asia which is why her affidavit, currently held sealed by the court, is so important.

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