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Recently Zoe's boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, broke up with her using a tl;dr blog about what a cunt she is.

He tells the story of how he met and fell in love with a butterfaced, once divorced Social Justice Warrior. He recounts how she spent all their first dates telling him about how she never lies because her mother was a pathological liar and how she never cheats because her ex-husband was emotionally abusive towards her, and how cheating on someone and then having sex with them without them knowing is literally rape.

Which is funny because later she cheated on him, lied about it, emotionally abused him using the fact he has panic attacks to convince him he went crazy and then "raped" him. In fact, from everything he tells about her it is more probable that it was she who abused her mother and husband into divorcing her.

Obviously the entire post shows that the guy is a dickless pussy and makes him look like an idiot, but it provided us with some lulz so thanks.

The post goes on to explain that after a while he realized she was cheating with him and confronted her. He suspected she was doing it with four guys but he was wrong and it was at least five. Why "at least"? Because Zoe is known for avoiding giving a direct answer when she doesn't know if people know she is lying and regarding how many people she cheated on him with she said she "doesn't remember" because she was "too drunk". So obviously she fucked at least six but she wasn't sure how many he knows about so she stopped at five. Mind you, this was over like a 2 month period. Another thing she was unwilling to give a direct answer about is having an STD... So I guess all those guys she fucked should listen to Cool Moe Dee and go see the doctor.

When all else failed Zoe did the logical thing and...


She told him she tried to commit suicide so Homo McPussy had to rush to her hotel and keep trying to work things out. Still, every word she said to him was pure bullshit. He told her he would not break up with her if she let him read her FB inbox to see she wasn't fucking more guys but she freaked out and accused him of invading her privacy. She finally agreed but said she needed "time to think". Instead she used said time to delete shit from her inbox before giving it to him.

So who were the guys? The person who wrote the blog names three and hides the name of another two but thanks to hints he left so that the people he is talking about know who they are people on the interbutts were able to discover their identity.

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