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June 15 2015


You probably know by now that no normal Americans are allowed to see the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. It’s classified. Even members of Congress can only read it by going to secure reading rooms in the basement of the Capitol.

But here’s what you might not know: you’re not even allowed to know who in Congress has bothered to do this.

June 04 2015


June 01 2015


▶ The Investigators: ALEC - The Backroom Where Laws Are Born - YouTube

This is a glimpse into the world of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-funded charity that pays for lawmaker trips to resorts where they leave with ready-to-pass bills. Neither ALEC nor the Georgia legislature would show us where the money comes from, or who it goes to.

March 13 2015


A controversial trade deal being negotiated between the European Union and the United States risks an unacceptable “race to the bottom” on environmental standards, MPs have warned.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could weaken European and UK regulation in areas including genetically modified crops, chemicals in cosmetics and meat treated with growth hormones, as a result of efforts to align standards between the US, where rules are laxer, and the EU.

A report by the parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee also suggested it could make it harder to strengthen rules on issues such as animal welfare or climate change – particularly if the deal allows US companies to sue governments for bringing in new regulations that harm their business.


France has blamed a communication "failure" after EurActiv revealed the existence of a letter instructing French MEPs how to vote on the controversial question of ISDS. Paris tried to rectify the error by sending another confidential letter to MEPs on 4 March. EurActiv France reports.

On 26 February, EurActiv France published the contents of a letter advising French MEPs on the official French position on the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement.

The letter, from the French Secretariat General for European Affairs (SGAE), was relaxed about the question of international arbitration tribunals, contrary to the harder line previously adopted by the government.

February 05 2015

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Robert Reich takes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership - YouTube

January 03 2015


November 18 2014


September 20 2014

The embassy worried the Correa government would exclude the private sector from decision-making, and implement economic policies that would negatively affect US and other foreign investors in Ecuador.

September 08 2014


Net neutrality means that all traffic on the internet is treated equally. Anyone can start up a website and make it instantly available to the world on an equal basis as the biggest, richest corporations and most powerful governments. Net neutrality is an anti-discrimination policy for the net, and we are on the verge of losing it.

Under a new set of rules put forward by the FCC, the oligopolies that provide internet access in the US would be allowed to begin charging content providers for differential treatment—essentially creating a “fast lane” on the internet for content providers who can afford to pay while relegating those who can’t to a lower quality of service.

This would end the era of democratic access that has driven unprecedented innovation, creativity, and empowerment for millions of people online. 

US broadband infrastructure is privately owned and operated by huge companies that often enjoy a near-monopoly position in their markets. According to FCC data, as of December 2012, nearly 30 percent of US households had only one choice for broadband provider. Monopoly holders have little incentive to weaken their profits by investing in infrastructure to improve service, so unsurprisingly the US is falling behind on global comparisons of broadband speed.

July 30 2014


It’s time for us to protect the whistleblowers that expose corporate fraud before the next big financial crash happens, not after.

In the shadowy world of Wall Street, whistleblowers are often the only witnesses to abuse and lawbreaking – so Wall Street is looking for new ways to threaten and silence whistleblowers. Corporations are intimidating employees by forcing them to sign nondisclosure agreements – gag-orders – that violate existing whistleblower protections.

July 16 2014


The outpouring to support what's generally called "network neutrality" has taken the form of letters and official filings to the FCC website, as well as more public campaigns in recent months. It's been gratifying to watch, but don't get your hopes up: the FCC chairman, former cable and wireless industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler, floated the idea of internet "fast lanes" earlier this year – and he'll probably to turn the web into a somewhat enhanced form of cable TV anyway.

Officially, the FCC says it will read and reply to you by September, then make an official ruling on whether all web traffic should be treated equally. That decision, probably later this year, will have an enormous impact on our digital futures, because an internet controlled by huge and unaccountable corporations is anathema to digital innovation and free speech itself.

What should we be doing in this interim, and into the future? We need to keep up the pressure, because you can be sure that Big Telecom – which has patience, massive amounts of money and deep ties with lawmakers and regulators – will be doing precisely that.

July 15 2014


June 06 2014


The Federal Communications Commission has proposed rules that would allow rampant discrimination online.

Under these rules, telecom giants like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon would be able to create a two-tiered Internet, with fast lanes for those who can afford it and dirt roads for the rest of us. These companies would be able to pick winners and losers online and discriminate against online content and applications. And no one would be able to do anything about it.

Sen. Ed Markey is circulating a letter among his colleagues that urges the FCC to reclassify Internet service providers as common carriers. This is the only way — and we mean the only way — to protect REAL Net Neutrality.

Pick up the phone. Ask your senators to stand up for the open Internet and sign Sen. Markey's letter.

May 02 2014

The news: A new scientific study from Princeton researcher Martin Gilens and Northwestern researcher Benjamin I. Page has finally put some science behind the recently popular argument that the United States isn't a democracy any more. And they've found that in fact, America is basically an oligarchy.

February 02 2014


Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT)’s F-35 jet developed cracks in testing of the fighter’s durability and wasn’t sufficiently reliable in training flights last year, the Pentagon’s chief tester found.

On-ground testing of the Air Force and Marine Corps versions of the fighter revealed “significant findings” of cracks on five occasions in fuselage bulkheads, flanges, stiffeners and engine mounts “that will require mitigation plans and may include redesigning parts and additional weight,” according to an annual report on major weapons by Michael Gilmore, director of operational testing.

Lockheed F-35 Develops Cracks, Pentagon’s Tester Finds - Bloomberg

January 26 2014


January 19 2014

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The Largest Corporate Power Grab You’ve Never Heard Of

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive trade agreement between 12 countries on the Pacific Rim that could massively boost corporate power at the expense of our climate and environment, human and workers’ rights, sovereignty and democracy. We’re standing with millions of people across the world urging world leaders to publish the text of the TPP as it stands now, and reject efforts to fast-track this agreement in the United States Congress.

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