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April 27 2017

A teenager who immigrated to Australia from Afghanistan has escaped jail after a series of sex attacks because he grew up in a different culture.
Teenager avoids jail for sex attacks due to cultural differences - Yahoo7

March 21 2015

Protesters in southern Chile have tried to stop the ordination of a Catholic bishop, accusing him of covering up a priest's sexual abuse of young boys.

February 27 2015

UPDATED: Norwegian police raided the offices of the Catholic Church’s diocese in Oslo on Thursday, and charged the diocese, Bishop Bernt Eidsvig and the church’s finance director with serious fraud. The church leaders are suspected of wrongfully claiming as much as NOK 50 million (USD 13 million) in state support by presenting fraudulent membership statistics.

September 05 2014

The Roman Catholic Church in Australia has often given too much sympathy to pedophile priests and has not taken abuse allegations seriously enough, Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart admitted before a child abuse royal commission on Tuesday.

August 27 2014

The report found: "Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so."
BBC News - Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds

July 19 2014


SEX shame cardinal Keith O’Brien is enjoying a quiet retirement in a comfortable home provided by the Catholic Church.

It had been believed O’Brien was doing penance at a monastery in England after admitting he had “fallen beneath the standards” expected of him.

But the UK’s former senior Catholic is staying in a £208,750 bungalow – bought by Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh Leo Cushley – in a Northumberland village.

March 20 2014

THE Catholic Church in Scotland can no longer cover up the abuse of children and vulnerable adults as they have done in the past according to the head of a new external review.
Catholic Church ‘can no longer cover up abuse’ - The Scotsman

March 10 2014

Perhaps Jesus turned a little too much water into wine and got a little violent, as the 2000-year-old man-deity is being held responsible by a Tennessee woman for the drowning of her seven-month-old baby. Sort of! After being arrested for drowning her infant daughter during bath time, Stefany Paige Johnson claimed that Jesus came down and took the baby to heaven. Mr. Christ could not be reached for comment and neither he nor his attorneys have responded as of yet to the kidnapping charges.

December 04 2013


November 28 2013

A 30-year-old West Hazleton man is accused of a brutal sexual assault in a Hazle Twp. home early Tuesday that left the victim with severe internal injuries.


While being walked into his preliminary arraignment at Magisterial District Judge James Dixon's Hazle Twp. office Tuesday night, Mr. Paulino offered only one comment to reporters, saying he had Jesus on his side.

November 20 2013

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What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 12 (October-November 2013) - YouTube

November 14 2013

A band of Islamic vigilantes has admitted to roaming the streets of East London, confronting and threatening to kill non-believers in an effort to enforce Sharia law. Three men have pleaded guilty to related charges after self-proclaimed “Muslim Patrols” attacked, intimidated and threatened to stab members of the public in an area of London that hosted the 2012 Olympic Games.

October 20 2013

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What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 11 (September-October 2013) - YouTube

September 07 2013

"I would venture to say that of any institution in the country – perhaps in the world – I don’t think anyone is dealing with it as responsibly as the Catholic Church has."


August 29 2013

"Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, a 67-year-old anti-superstition activist and Humanist leader from India, was assassinated on Tuesday morning, presumably because of his skeptical beliefs."

When reason is not on your side, kill your opponent. Kill the infidel. Kill the non-believer.

August 16 2013


For the first time, the roles were reversed and it was a defecting member who held all the power. It has been celebrities - not the Church - who have been shaping the course of Scientology lately, and not for the better. If Tom Cruise badly damaged the Church’s public image while tarnishing his own, and Holmes opened the floodgates with other celebrities widening the gap, then it was Remini who has broken it wide open in the past month. The once cozy relationship between Hollywood and Scientology has been not-so-quietly falling apart at the seams, and Remini’s very public departure has only served to speed the process.

So what has wrought this change within their relationship?

"You don't have the f***ing rank": Hollywood's break-up with Scientology | Moviepilot: New Stories for Upcoming Movies

August 07 2013

"THE “secret archives” of the Catholic Church in Scotland could contain allegations of sexual abuse by as many as 100 priests and other staff in cases stretching back 50 years, according to the former head of the Church’s working party on child protection."

July 24 2013

One of the Australian Catholic Church's most prominent and senior figures has admitted he advised other clergy it was a good idea not to take notes of interviews with priests accused of sexual abuse so they couldn't be successfully used in legal action.

June 17 2013

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What religion has contributed to the world this month - Episode 7 (May/June 2013) - YouTube

May 14 2013

The Catholic Church in Ballarat ''effectively facilitated'' child sexual abuse by leaving known paedophiles in ministry and was ''unChristlike'', former Ballarat Bishop Peter Connors conceded on Monday.
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