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July 15 2014


July 11 2014

The single most overwhelming item of evidence of Israel’s rejection of peace is, of course, the settlements project. From the dawn of its existence, there has never been a more reliable or more precise litmus test for Israel’s true intentions than this particular enterprise. In plain words: The builders of settlements want to consolidate the occupation, and those who want to consolidate the occupation do not want peace. That’s the whole story in a nutshell.

July 08 2014

“Justice delayed = Justice denied. 10 years from the ICJ ruling, the world must stop the Apartheid Wall! #StopImpunity http://thndr.it/1ne2sy2
Join #StopImpunity: July 2014 - Month against the Apartheid Wall in sharing this message together at the same time - automatically.
By Associated Press July 7

NEW DELHI — Islamic courts have no legal authority in India, the country’s Supreme Court ruled Monday, saying Muslims cannot be legally subject to a parallel religious authority.

Individuals may abide by Shariah court rulings if they wish, but cannot be legally forced to do so, Judge C. K. Prasad said.

“No religion is allowed to curb anyone’s fundamental rights,” he told the court, giving the decision of a two-judge bench. Indian law does not recognize Shariah court rulings, he said.

Court: Islamic law holds no legal sway in India - The Washington Post

June 25 2014

The treatment of those immigrant girls shows that many of the attitudes of the past still exist today. It was visible also with the pace of the Tuam story, indifference followed by over-compensation after foreign media had publicised it.

A Republican state representative in North Carolina distributed literature to a gay colleague on Tuesday that compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia.
NC GOP lawmaker tells gay colleague that he’s like a pedophile or animal rapist
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▶ Saudi Arabia Tries to Silence Center for Inquiry at UN Human Rights Council - 6/23/14 - YouTube
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June 19 2014


Abolish Blasphemy Laws

  • Petition by

    Human Rights For Atheists, Agnostics and Secularists

  • Blasphemy laws are used to infringe upon human rights.  They frequently lead to arbitary arrest, detention, poor treatment in custody including torture, dubious legal procedures and poor application of justice.  The definition of the offence can be in the hands of police and judicial authorities.  Governments have used blasphemy laws to silence political opponents.  Individuals have fabricated blasphemy charges against others in communal disputes.  Religious extremists have used blasphemy laws to attack opponents.  Religious authorities have used blasphemy laws to impose orthodoxy on members minority religious groups with the sanction of the state.  And people accused of blasphemy have been subject to violence by unofficial mobs.

    June 13 2014


    Islamabad - Sharia Correspondent: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded their 192nd meeting on Thursday with the ruling that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah. As the meeting concluded CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani noted that women by existing defied the laws of nature, and to protect Islam and the Sharia women should be forced to stop existing as soon as possible. The announcement comes a couple of days after CII’s 191st meeting where they dubbed laws related to minimum marriage age to be un-Islamic.

    After declaring women to be un-Islamic, Shirani explained that there were actually two kinds of women – haraam and makrooh. “We can divide all women in the world into two distinct categories: those who are haraam and those who are makrooh. Now the difference between haraam and makrooh is that the former is categorically forbidden while the latter is really really disliked,” Shirani said.

    He further went on to explain how the women around the world can ensure that they get promoted to being makrooh, from just being downright haraam. “Any woman that exercises her will is haraam, absolutely haraam, and is conspiring against Islam and the Ummah, whereas those women who are totally subservient can reach the status of being makrooh. Such is the generosity of our ideology and such is the endeavour of Muslim men like us who are the true torchbearers of gender equality,” the CII chairman added.

    Officials told Khabaristan Today that the council members deliberated over various historic references related to women and concluded that each woman is a source of fitna and a perpetual enemy of Islam. They also decided that by restricting them to their subordinate, bordering on slave status, the momineen and the mujahideen can ensure that Islam continues to be the religion of peace, prosperity and gender equality.

    Responding to a question one of the officials said that international standards of gender equality should not be used if they contradict Islam or the constitution of Pakistan that had incorporated Islam and had given sovereignty to Allah. “We don’t believe in western ideals, and nothing that contradicts Islam should ever be paid heed. In any case by giving women the higher status of being makrooh, it’s us Muslims who have paved the way for true, Sharia compliant feminism,” the official said.

    Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic | Pakistan Today
    Justice Minister Mohammed Al-Eissa has denounced international rights groups for attacking the Kingdom’s judiciary, saying laws in this country are based on divine precepts contained in the Holy Qur'an.

    May 28 2014

    Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag is a 27-year-old Sudanese woman, sentenced to death because of her Christian faith.


    Because some believe that Islamic law does not allow marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men, her marriage to a Christian man was also considered void by the court, based on its belief that she should not have been raised as a Christian, or chosen that faith. Therefore, the court argued that, although a lifelong Christian, she should notionally be treated as a muslim, and that the marriage to the Christian man was not valid. She was therefore also sentenced to receive 100 lashes for adultery, in spite of the sexual relations having been only with her husband, the flogging to be administered some time in advance of being hung. Moreover, her 20 month-old son has also been imprisoned, and is denied all contact with his father, who will never be permitted to raise him.
    Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    May 21 2014


    May 19 2014


    GENEVA (15 May 2014) – A group of UN human rights experts today expressed alarm at the conviction to 10 years in prison, 1,000 lashes, and a 1 million Saudi riyal fine against Saudi online activist and blogger, Raef Badawi.

    “This outrageous conviction should be overturned and Mr. Badawi immediately released,” said the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion, Heiner Bielefeldt, the Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, Frank La Rue, the Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan E. Méndez and the Chair-Rapporteur of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Mads Andenas.

    “Mr. Badawi is a prisoner of conscience, who has been convicted for peacefully expressing his views on religious and other issues,” they added.

    The UN experts also urged the Government of Saudi Arabia to “embark on more comprehensive reforms to bring their judicial system in compliance with international standards.”

    The human rights experts stressed that “Mr. Badawi was imprisoned for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression” and recalled the right of all people to “freely manifest their views in matters of religion or belief and to write, issue and disseminate information and ideas in these areas through any media without interference.”

    Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

    May 16 2014


    Abolish Blasphemy Laws by Amending Articles 13 (b), 55 (c) & 76 (c) of the 'Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice,' to include freedom from religion.

    Our petition appeals to the United Nations to amend Articles 13 (b), 55 (c) & 76 (c) of the Charter of the United Nations and the Statute of the International Court of Justice to include the non-religious as an expressly protected group.  In so amending, the United Nations would be sending a clear message to its member states that imprisoning, torturing, executing and otherwise molesting secularists and nonbelievers such as atheists and agnostics is incompatible with basic human rights.

    April 25 2014

    The former cable and wireless industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler is re-writing rules in favor of the telecom giants – not you, me or the internet. Here's what you can do to stop him

    April 04 2014

    Today [3 April 2014], the European Parliament seized the opportunity to enshrine net neutrality into EU law. For the past four years, Parliamentarians have advocated for binding net neutrality (see here and here), and today they took action, making a clear choice to protect internet users’ freedom of expression while ensuring innovation and competition in the Digital Single Market. Today's vote preserves the universal, dynamic, and transformative nature of the internet.
    Blog | Access - The European Parliament takes important step to enshrine net neutrality into law

    April 03 2014


    The Holy See’s response to the criticisms has been pathetic. It said that it had no jurisdiction over its priests in countries around the world, and that its ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Child applied only to the Vatican City itself. The disingenuousness of this reply beggars belief. As the Vatican can have no children within its territory, given its entire population consists, in principle at least, of celibate men, one has to wonder why it signed the Convention at all. And of course, the Holy See is happy to presume moral and spiritual jurisdiction over sovereign nations when it suits it to do so, as when condemning abortion, contraception or homosexuality.

    The United Nations is to be congratulated on making clear this flagrant double standard employed by the Vatican to defend the indefensible.

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