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June 06 2019


#KuToo 職場でのヒール・パンプスの強制をなくしたい!

#KuToo Don't force Japanese female workers to wear high heels at work.

January 07 2015


July 16 2014


Igarashi, who worked under the alias Rokudenashiko, which means "good-for-nothing girl", built a yellow kayak with a top shaped like her vagina after raising about $10,000 (£5,800) through crowdfunding.

Igarashi sent 3D printer data of her scanned vagina – the digital basis for her kayak project – as a thanks to a number of donors.

On Saturday, she was arrested for distributing indecent material and faces up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000 (£15,000).

January 07 2013

Cleanup crews in Fukushima Prefecture have dumped soil and leaves contaminated with radioactive fallout into rivers. Water sprayed on contaminated buildings has been allowed to drain back into the environment. And supervisors have instructed workers to ignore rules on proper collection and disposal of the radioactive waste.

April 28 2012

"The coolant water is keeping the reactor temperatures at a certain level, but that's not even near the goal [of a cold shut down,]" says an engineer working inside the plant. "The fact is, we still don't know what's going on inside the reactors."

April 23 2012


June 26 2011


April 20 2011

The government charges that the damage caused by earthquakes and by the nuclear accident are being magnified by irresponsible rumors, and the government must take action for the sake of the public good. The project team has begun to send “letters of request” to such organizations as telephone companies, internet providers, cable television stations, and others, demanding that they “take adequate measures based on the guidelines in response to illegal information. ”The measures include erasing any information from internet sites that the authorities deem harmful to public order and morality.

March 31 2011

Photos shown are half-size of the originals. The 10 originals full-size: http://cryptome.org/eyeball/daiichi-npp/daiichi-photos.zip (11.5MB) Dates of photos taken from the EXIF data of the originals, supported by captions and credits later obtained from the Web.
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Hi-Res Photos

March 26 2011

Title : ’Nuclear Ginza’,
Duration: 30 mins
Transmission: 1995
Territory: Worldwide

Through the eyes of a campaigning photographer, this investigative documentary exposes radiation poisoning among workers inside Japan’s nuclear power industry.

"Unfortunately, in Japan, the sad reality is that democracy has been destroyed in the areas where nuclear power exists"
Hello again :-): Nuclear Ginza
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