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June 04 2012


(KFVS) - The wife of an East Prairie pastor charged with statutory sodomy and possession of child porn is charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Beth Lynnette Allen, 36, is charged with the endangering welfare of a child-1st Degree.

Her husband, Kenneth Neal Allen, 36, is charged with three counts of first degree statutory sodomy and possession of child pornography.

The East Prairie community says Kenneth Allen is the Pastor at Grace Apostolic Church.

Wife of pastor charged with sodomy, possession of child porn - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

June 01 2012


ELEVEN Victorians abused by a jailed paedophile Christian Brother have lodged joint claims in the Victorian County Court in the first of several looming and large legal actions aimed at forcing the Catholic Church to compensate victims.

The move is the largest legal action of its type in Victoria and, if it succeeds, will put intense pressure on the Christian Brothers to pay victims compensation that could total millions of dollars.


CONFIDENTIAL police reports have detailed the suicides of at least 40 people sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Victoria, and have urged a new inquiry into these and many other deaths suspected to be linked to abuse in the church.

In a damning assessment of the church’s handling of abuse issues, the reports say it appears the church has known about a shockingly high rate of suicides and premature deaths but has "chosen to remain silent."

May 21 2012


May 19 2012

OTTAWA: A former Catholic bishop convicted of importing child pornography – including some laced with religious imagery – into Canada has been stripped of his religious duties, the church said Wednesday.

May 17 2012

The revelations and apparent cover-up of the initial knowledge of Williams’ child have raised questions about whether it’s really possible to rehabilitate the Legion, which has been in disarray since admitting in 2009 that its founder had raped and molested seminarians and fathered three children with two women. The order, founded in 1941, became one of the fastest growing and most influential religious congregations because of its ability to attract money and seminarians to the priesthood.

May 15 2012

VATICAN CITY - The Legion of Christ religious order was hit by the second scandal in a week with the admission Tuesday that its most well-known priest, a prominent author, lecturer and television personality, had fathered a child.
Legion of Christ hit by 2nd scandal in a week, prominent priest admits he fathered a child - Winnipeg Free Press

Prosecutors have charged the pastor of a small southeast Missouri church with sexually assaulting three young children, and authorities say further charges are likely.

Missouri pastor charged with molesting 3 children - Waynesville, MO - Waynesville Daily Guide
UNITED States prosecutors are considering legal action against the Los Angeles Catholic Church after it was revealed that bishops knew a Midland paedophile priest shipped to America had a shameful past.

May 09 2012

This Group has been set up for the benefit of VICTIMS of Pedophillia and Sexual Abuse by the EVIL ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH ...in Australia. Members can share notes, tell their stories and make contact with other Victims.

Approaches to ALL Archdioceses have resulted in Denials, Threats, in some cases offers of miserly amounts of compensation with No Disclosure clauses. Any cases that have gone to court have been as a result of victims reporting abuse to the Police and the alleged offenders being defended by the Church. The Gerald Ridsdale affair is the most infamous with George "Go To Hell" Pell personally accompaning him to court, but not giving evidence in court.

We must fight this EVIL CESSPOOL of sexual abuse and bring it to it's knees.
The Vatican has miserably failed the victims of child sex abuse within the Catholic Church, the Deputy First Minister has claimed.

May 07 2012


THIS is the letter that sensationally reveals that the Catholic Church KNEW a paedophile priest had “an unwholesome relationship” – 25 years BEFORE he was jailed for sexually abusing six boys.

James Robinson, who worked in parishes across the Midlands, fled to America in 1985 – days after police were first alerted by a victim that he had been abused by the ex-priest when he was a child.

It has become a painfully self-evident truth – surely, even to the silent onlookers at the Vatican – that the longer Cardinal Seán Brady stays in place as Primate of All Ireland, the greater the damage inflicted on the reputation of the Catholic Church in Ireland and beyond. This is not simply because his presence has become a reminder of the cover-up of paedophile abuse by priests, but also because it illustrates a continuing problem: that, after all this time, Cardinal Brady just doesn’t get it.

May 06 2012

7758 bec5
The Roman Catholic Church faces permanent disruption and banishment in at least five countries if it does not comply with ten “non-negotiable measures” by September 15, 2012, according to a global coalition of survivors of church rape and torture.
An American lawyer who was abused by Fr Brendan Smyth has said that the Vatican has "blood on its hands" for its failure to inform Irish Church authorities that it had censured Smyth for abuse in the United States years before the 1975 secret inquiry.
Vatican ‘has blood on hands’ over Smyth affair | Irish Examiner

May 05 2012


In the 21st century it takes an extremely well-made programme or one containing important new information to produce the degree of shock these crimes merit. The Shame of the Catholic Church ticked both boxes. In fact, what it told us about Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, leaves us in little doubt that his position is hopelessly compromised.

Alison Millar’s film made the bleak hills and moors of Donegal seem frighteningly empty. That was appropriate, since geographical isolation was useful to priests like Greene, shunted around from one remote spot to another by the hierarchy that protected him. One chapel had a small apartment built behind the altar where a visiting priest could stay if he was cut off by the weather. Fr Greene found it handy for assaulting minors, just a few feet away from the Blessed Sacrament.

May 04 2012


New revelations about the failure of the Catholic primate of all-Ireland to protect children from abuse have been uncovered by the BBC's This World show.

It found Cardinal Sean Brady had the names and addresses of those being abused by paedophile priest Brendan Smyth, but did not ensure their safety.

May 03 2012

Political leaders have strongly criticised the head of Ireland's Catholic Church for refusing to resign over a paedophile priest scandal.
Reposted byatheismfrittatensuppe
The leader of the Catholic church in Ireland was under renewed pressure to step down after a television programme alleged that he failed to hand over a list of children being abused by the country's most notorious paedophile priest to the victims' parents or the police.
Reposted byatheismfrittatensuppe

April 26 2012

The Bishop of Ferns, Denis Brennan, has asked the parishioners of County Wexford to help pay the costs of compensating victims of clerical sex abuse.
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