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June 15 2015

An un-consenting child, an unnecessary, invasive surgery: is there any moral difference between male and female circumcision?
Male and female circumcision are equally wrong – Brian D Earp – Aeon

August 30 2014


August 22 2014


April 03 2014


March 25 2014


February 16 2014


February 02 2014


Medical associations in Sweden and Denmark have strongly recommended a ban on the non-medical circumcision of boys, reports the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The Sweden Medical Association, which counts 85% of the country's physicians as members, recommended setting twelve as the minimum age for the procedure and requiring a boy's consent in a resolution which was unanimously passed by the ethics council, reported the Svenska Dagbladet.

The Danish College of General Practitioners, a group with 3,000 members, made a statement that ritual circumcision of boys was tantamount to abuse and mutilation, according to Danish newspaper BT. They polled their readers and found that 87% were in favor of a ban on non-medical circumcision.

December 03 2013

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▶ Special Report #6: The Victims of Male Circumcision - YouTube

This video highlights the unfortunate stories of boys and men who have been victims of the absurd and barbaric religious practice known as circumcision. It is about time we viewed male circumcision as genital mutilation. It is a disgusting religious practice that has no place in the 21st century. Please share this video with everyone who supports circumcision or thinks it is a harmless procedure.

November 27 2013

An Israeli rabbinical court has told a mother who is divorcing her husband that she must have her young son ritually circumcised. She’s being fined $140 a day until she complies.

November 15 2013


Organizers of the anti-circumcision organization called Intact America say parents like Rhodes should never have to explain a situation like this. Georgianne Chapin of Intact America calls circumcision inhumane and a violation of a defenseless child's human rights.

"It is not, not only not necessary but it is dangerous, risky and wrong to cut the genitals of a child," Chapin said. "That child cannot consent, it does nothing for his health, nothing for his well being, and puts in a terrible risk as this poor mother and her poor baby have found out.

"He will live with those consequences for the rest of his life," Chapin added. "Hopefully, hopefully other mothers and fathers will see that and say 'I'm not going to do that."

Botched circumcision has many questioning practice

October 27 2013


October 16 2013


Tanya Gold articulates well the existence of contemporary antisemitism (A ban on male circumcision would be antisemitic. How could it not be?, 12 October). But I think she's wrong in describing the Council of Europe as antisemitic for including ritual male circumcision in its examples of violations of children's rights.

I write as a male Jew circumcised at birth in 1958 as part of ritual. I would rather not have been. Yes, male circumcision isn't as extreme a practice as female genital mutilation. However, I know from personal experience that it results in such problems as desensitised sexual feeling, frequent soreness and occasional bleeding. I believe that this irreversible action is at heart an assault on a child, incapable of giving meaningful consent. I attach no blame to my parents' generation, who would have made the decision in the aftermath of the Holocaust, and who would have experienced a society more overtly hostile to them. But I find it depressing that contemporary Jews wish to continue the practice.

And she is quite wrong to say all Jews agree on circumcision.

October 15 2013

Many Rabbis are welcoming intact males into the Jewish community, and a growing number of Rabbis feel that surgical circumcision is no longer appropriate in the 21st century. Over 50 Rabbis, mohels and other Jewish leaders perform covenant ceremonies without surgical circumcision, and many more will do so upon request. These include Rabbis in the Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and many other branches of Judaism.

October 07 2013

Infant circumcision is forced amputation of a healthy, functioning body part on a nonconsenting, innocent person. It clearly violates Catholic teaching and ethical health care directives. Don't be fooled by Trihealth's statement! 

October 05 2013

This is an email I just sent to the mohel who performed my circumcision 21 years ago today. My goal in sending this was to show him the perspective of someone who wished he hadn’t been circumcised, so that he would understand what his profession could do and maybe so he would question his continued participation in the field. I’ve chosen to publish this openly for two reasons: So that my friends and family can understand how I feel personally about my circumcision (rather than just my intellectual position on circumcision in the abstract), and so that anyone out there who is considering performing a circumcision or having one performed might change their minds.
Circumcision is a relatively new "tradition" for most American families, dating only from the late 1800s, when it was advanced as a Victorian measure to inhibit masturbation. Doctors' recommendations (ease in cleaning, preventing masturbation and other such shallow matters) and two world wars later, more than half of all American men had been circumcised.
War of Words: Circumcision and the Internet | William M. O'Barr

October 04 2013


Over 50% of penile nerve endings are removed during a circumcision, including one-hundred percent of the Meissner’s Corpuscles, the unique fine touch nerve receptors found only in fingertips and on the ridged band of the penis.

Mucous membrane exposed to the air for decades does callus.

Many physicians earn sizable compensation for performing circumcisions.

And it is true that your circumcision means that someone surgically altered your body in a permanent way without first having obtained your consent.


Regarding the Aug. 31 Observer story “High hopes for victims of female genital mutilation“: This story reminded once again of the sad realization that there is no hope at all in the world for the many more victims of male genital mutilation. Male circumcision advocates might say there is no comparison since male circumcision, if done properly, neither robs adult men of sexual pleasure nor poses a significant health risk. But I say that arguing that removal of the prepuce does no significant harm is not an argument at all. Nor is the apology that it has a long and noble cultural heritage that places it above disrepute. That’s rubbish.

There are even some lunatics among us who argue that male circumcision should be universally mandated as a public health measure. What advocates of male circumcision ought to be telling us instead is how the procedure is not a mutilation to begin with, and how lack of consent by infantile subjects to a procedure carried out on an intimate body part can conscientiously be dismissed. Claims of health benefits are unconvincing and exaggerated.

The regional court in Cologne, Germany, was absolutely in the right when it ruled that “circumcising babies on religious grounds amounts to grievous bodily harm” (“Circumcision is assault, court rules,” June 29, 2012). One might challenge the “grievousness” of it, but the accusation of assault is foolproof. Naturally, domestic and international pressure (“German circumcision ban slammed,” July 11, 2012) forced the German parliament to step in for the sake of the religious lobby (“German panel backs circumcision,” Aug. 25, 2012, “Germany OKs law on circumcision,” Dec. 14, 2012).

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is terrible and easily conjures more outrage than male genital mutilation. But the depravity of it means that people can’t see the forest for the trees. Outlawing genital mutilation means outlawing all of it, and anti-FGM workers would only gain credibility if they come out equally against male genital mutilation as well. Meanwhile, doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, rabbis and parents involved in lining up young boys as sacrifices should themselves all be lined up for long prison sentences.

Circumcision should be outlawed | The Japan Times

The Council of Europe has told its 47 member states (including the UK) that medically unnecessary circumcision is a violation of boys’ human rights.

In a groundbreaking move the council’s Parliamentary Assembly has declared that it is “particularly worried about a category of violation of the physical integrity of children” which includes “the circumcision of young boys for religious reasons”.

The Assembly has strongly recommended that its member states, which include the UK, take the following action:

1. Get clear on the extent of medically unnecessary circumcision in their country (around half a million boys in the UK are thought to be at risk but there is not official figure available)

2. Clearly define the medical, sanitary and other conditions that all male circumcisions should meet (this would include defining whether or not circumcision without anaesthetic or consent, by non-medical staff in non-medical settings should continue to be tolerated in the UK).

3. Promote greater awareness of how medically unnecessary male circumcision is performed and what the risks are.

4. To introduce legislation and policies to improve the protection of boys from the risks of medically unnecessary male circumcision.

5. To raise awareness of the alternatives to medically unnecessary male circumcision.

6. To actively initiate public debate, including intercultural and interreligious dialogue, aimed at reaching consensus on striking the balance between boys’ human rights and the rights and religious freedoms of parents and families.

7. To raise awareness about the need for boys to participate in decisions concerning their physical integrity and to consider introducing an age of consent preventing boys from being circumcised until they are old enough to choose.

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