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November 07 2012


Target: United States Congress

Goal: Cap   spending in order to promote fairness

Capping expenditures for political campaigning has been a hotly contested issue for some time. While proposals for caps have been struck down in the past, a 2012 study by the Huffington Post suggests that 80 percent of voters are in support of limiting the amount of money given to groups that influence the outcome of the election. Before anything can be done, however, changes must be made to the constitution that, as of 2010, removed limits on independent campaign spending due its subsequent infringement of “political speech.”


November 03 2012

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November 01 2012


As it turns out, the Republican Presidential nominee may not be eligible to actually run for President.

While he was overseas, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney held numerous fundraisers which were closed to all journalists (except one who did not have access to the donor list). In our campaign laws, it is blatantly illegal for a political candidate to accept money from non-United States citizens.

According to a Veterans Today report, “Mitt Romney has raised millions in foreign cash at fundraising event across Israel and London, those that we know of so far. One table alone gave him a million in cash. None was from American citizens. Fewer than 10% of Romney’s contributors in Israel are estimated to be “dual citizens.” Others may have just flown the money in.” If this is true, we deserve a candidate who understands campaign laws and does not challenge the integrity necessary for an elected official position.

These charges are very serious. Foreign citizens should not be funding our candidates, since our candidates should only have the best interest of the American people – not their foreign allies.

Tell the Federal Election Committee: Investigate Romney's Donors from Overseas

October 18 2012


September 30 2012

The separation of church and state does not seem to apply to the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, as a Bishop was caught on video espousing that a vote for Democrats may condemn a person to hell by placing their soul in jeopardy.

August 05 2012

Mitt Romney attacked a lawsuit brought by President Obama’s campaign seeking the restoration of early voting rights for Ohio voters by falsely implying that Obama is trying to take away the early voting privileges for members of the military.
Romney Falsely Accuces Obama Campaign Of Trying To Restrict Military Voting Rights | TPM2012

August 01 2012

Six former Vatican ambassadors have banded together to lead a new outreach for Mitt Romney presidential campaign to encourage Catholic voters to support him over pro-abortion President Barack Obama in November. The issue of abortion is one of the reasons for their decision to endorse Romney, as they explain in a new letter announcing the effort.

June 01 2012

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John Hlinko on Current TV (May, 2012) - YouTube

May 31 2012

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