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July 28 2014


July 26 2014


November 16 2013

Skepticism is the solution and it’s there waiting for all. Thinking like a scientist in everyday life is a choice. One only has to decide to think before believing. Ask questions, expect the evidence to balance the size of the claim, and be willing to change your mind when new evidence demands it. Doing these things activates a powerful forcefield that will protect you wherever you go on this fantasy prone and scam-infested world of ours. Being a good skeptic is not dependent on extraordinary intelligence or formal educational accomplishments. There is no application to fill out, no club dues to pay. This is a basic approach to life that is freely available to all of us.

September 16 2013


September 06 2013


June 14 2012


A robust natural theology may well be necessary for the gospel to be effectively heard in Western society today. In general, Western culture is deeply post-Christian. It is the product of the Enlightenment, which introduced into European culture the leaven of secularism that has by now permeated Western society. While most of the original Enlightenment thinkers were themselves theists, the majority of Western intellectuals today no longer considers theological knowledge to be possible. The person who follows the pursuit of reason unflinchingly toward its end will be atheistic or, at best, agnostic.

Properly understanding our culture is important because the gospel is never heard in isolation. It is always heard against the background of the current cultural milieu. A person raised in a cultural milieu in which Christianity is still seen as an intellectually viable option will display an openness to the gospel. But you may as well tell the secularist to believe in fairies or leprechauns as in Jesus Christ!

God Is Not Dead Yet | Christianity Today

Apologetics FAIL!

June 13 2012

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