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September 16 2013

A documentary revealed the torture inflicted by a religious community on its young

Germans give their vote to people from other countries – join the Electoral Rebellion!

In our globalised world, politics don’t stop at the border. But democracy does. When does our political system adapt to the facts of politics? To challenge this, a group of activists called Egality started an electoral rebellion for the upcoming German elections to protest against the lack of democracy in international and global politics and call for more real democracy – because German politics decide on peoples lives all around the world without giving them a voice. Because global politics must be democratised.

In “Electoral Rebellion”, Germans give their vote to people from other countries as an act of solidarity and to call for more real democracy. You can become part of this movement for global democracy by giving your vote, if you are German, or by getting a vote, if you are from any other country.

Join the rebellion on facebook now: www.facebook.com/ElectoralRebellion... Post your statement on the wall, get a real vote from someone from Germany and participate in the German elections!

The aims of the campaign The campaign is designed to raise awareness about the fact that German policies affect people in other countries – people who have no say in the formulation of these policies. Beyond that, the major goal of „Electoral Rebellion“ is to promote the idea of Global Democracy. Egality is a small group of German and international activists who want to spark a debate about democracy beyond the nation state, and on how to improve the world´s current political order. Find out more about about Egality and global democracy on www.facebook.com/EgalityBerlin

“Electoral Rebellion” - Citizens For Europe

January 12 2013

An independent inquiry into sex abuse in the German Catholic Church was supposed to restore faith in the embattled institution. But now the Church has called it off

January 11 2013


Germany’s justice minister said on Thursday the country’s Roman Catholic Church appeared to be shrinking from independent scrutiny after bishops sacked a top criminologist they had hired to investigate clerical sexual abuse.

Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said the German bishops had initially committed to an outside study after devastating abuse revelations in 2010 which saw 600 people file claims against priests, but said they now seemed to want to control which findings would be published.

The Roman Catholic Church in Germany has terminated an independent inquiry it commissioned into sexual abuse by clergy, citing a breakdown in trust.
BERLIN — Germany's Roman Catholic Church said Wednesday it has called off an independent institute's investigation into sexual abuse by clergy over several decades. The lead researcher complained that the church wanted too much control over his work.

July 15 2012

BERLIN -- The Catholic Church has fired a German priest for sexually abusing five underage boys more than 30 years ago.

July 12 2012


The European Commission, European Parliament and Member States:

As citizens concerned about the wave of banking crises that are affecting our economies and our livelihoods, we call on you to take action to ensure that bankers are held responsible. This can only be done by introducing strong legislation against market abuse, including criminal sanctions for bankers who ride roughshod over regulations or break our laws.

June 27 2012

A court in Germany has ruled that circumcising young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm.
BBC News - German court rules circumcision is 'bodily harm'
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May 07 2012

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After its success in Berlin and Saarland, the German Pirate Party - whose policies focus on freedom of information in the digital sphere - has managed to win seats in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein. Following Sunday's election, the Pirates walked away with over 8 percent of the votes.

October 28 2011


June 03 2011


Hugh Pennington, professor of bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, told Al Jazeera that the outbreak is a "German problem".

"It remains a North German problem. The only people who have fallen ill are people who have been to Germany and have had food there," he said.

Pennington said that a case could be made for the banning of produce from EU countries, but that he did not think that "there is any case at all for banning food from any other country other than Germany because there is absolutely no evidence that any other produce from any other country has been involved in this outbreak".

"You could say, 'well, yes, let's be cautious about importing any German vegetables, but not from other countries, and particularly countries like Spain where there's absolutely no evidence that this bug lives at all."

Germany hunts source of E-coli outbreak - Europe - Al Jazeera English

June 01 2011

After days of recriminations that threatened new inter-European trade wars, the German authorities conceded last night that contaminated Spanish cucumbers are not, after all, to blame for a mystery illness which has claimed the lives of 16 people and infected more than 1,200 others.
Cucumbers in clear – so what is causing deadly E.coli outbreak? - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent
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