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February 21 2013


Welcome to Missouri, where legislating against legislating is what one House member thinks will keep gun owners safe from the real criminals: people who think there ought to be any more regulation of dangerous firearms.

Rep. Mike Leara, a Republican who represents part of St. Louis County, wants to make it a Class D felony for any member of the general assembly to even propose legislation that would *further* restrict an individual’s right to bear arms.

January 14 2013

Gun rights activists who cite the dictator as a reason against gun control have their history dangerously wrong

January 04 2013

  1. If any of the victims were pious, faithful, moral people living as Jesus taught — and since the majority of them were hardly more than babies, it is a safe assumption that they were mostly free of sin — why does that get ignored because they happened to be in a public building? The Supreme Court has upheld the right of students to pray in public schools; the prohibition is only against school personnel leading or enforcing prayer. Would God have protected non-pious individuals in a church or on private property where separation of church & state do not apply? Is where you are physically located in a crisis the determinant of God’s protection or abandonment, or must you be both pious and not in a public building?
  2. What about mass shootings that have occurred in places not subject to separation of church & state, such as malls, theaters, or restaurants? What about the ones at religious schools or churches (such as occurred at the Sikh temple, Wedgewood Baptist Church, or the Living Church of God)? Indeed, these occurred in God’s own house where one can only assume He is “welcome.”
  3. If God loves His children, why let His children’s children be slaughtered simply because they are in a place where they cannot worship publicly? If He gave us free will and we used it to create rules that keep government and religion separate, does it seem fair to condemn people who follow those rules in an attempt to be good citizens to execution by armed gunmen?
  4. If God really could have protected those children but chose not to as a means of teaching us a lesson because we dared to keep institutional prayer out of public schools, what about that is worth worship? Is an omnipotent deity that opts not to intervene to save innocent children from violent, painful, terrifying death truly a God of love and forgiveness, or is He a God of wrath? And if the latter, what reason other than fear of reprisal is there to worship?
  5. If God does not have the ability to intervene and couldn’t have stopped the massacre even if He wanted to, then what does it matter that He is “not welcome” in public schools? If He cannot intervene, then welcome or not, prayer or not, their fate was in the shooter’s hands, not God’s, wasn’t it?
  6. Simply by virtue of offering an explanation for why God permitted this atrocity, are people not presuming to know God’s mind and intent? If He is angered by human arrogance in the separation of church & state, would He not also be angered by the arrogance of this presumption?
Six Questions for Christians Following the Newtown Massacre

December 22 2012


Ezra Klein: Israel and Switzerland are often mentioned as countries that prove that high rates of gun ownership don’t necessarily lead to high rates of gun crime. In fact, I wrote that on Friday. But you say your research shows that’s not true.

Janet Rosenbaum: First of all, because they don’t have high levels of gun ownership. The gun ownership in Israel and Switzerland has decreased.

For instance, in Israel, they’re very limited in who is able to own a gun. There are only a few tens of thousands of legal guns in Israel, and the only people allowed to own them legally live in the settlements, do business in the settlements, or are in professions at risk of violence.

Both countries require you to have a reason to have a gun. There isn’t this idea that you have a right to a gun. You need a reason. And then you need to go back to the permitting authority every six months or so to assure them the reason is still valid.

The second thing is that there’s this widespread misunderstanding that Israel and Switzerland promote gun ownership. They don’t. Ten years ago, when Israel had the outbreak of violence, there was an expansion of gun ownership, but only to people above a certain rank in the military. There was no sense that having ordinary citizens [carry guns] would make anything safer.

Switzerland has also been moving away from having widespread guns. The laws are done canton by canton, which is like a province. Everyone in Switzerland serves in the army, and the cantons used to let you have the guns at home. They’ve been moving to keeping the guns in depots. That means they’re not in the household, which makes sense because the literature shows us that if the gun is in the household, the risk goes up for everyone in the household.

December 20 2012


The nation is still coming to grips with the horrors surrounding the Newtown, Connecticut massacre, but already Mike Huckabee has used the killings to promote his hateful agenda in a stomach-churning speech blaming gay people for raising families and scientists for promoting evolution.

Going on Fox News on Friday and then again on his television show on Sunday, the former governor repeatedly blamed the forces of “secularism” for the massacre, from kids with iPhones to pharmacies that stock “abortion pills”. Tell Fox News that Mike Huckabee does not deserve a platform for his misguided, insensitive words.

Fox News: Take Mike Huckabee off the air for his grotesque, hateful commentary.

December 17 2012

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