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January 07 2013

Cleanup crews in Fukushima Prefecture have dumped soil and leaves contaminated with radioactive fallout into rivers. Water sprayed on contaminated buildings has been allowed to drain back into the environment. And supervisors have instructed workers to ignore rules on proper collection and disposal of the radioactive waste.

December 02 2012

Evidence proves that the graph trumpeted by AP as evidence of Iran's nuclear weapons program is an obvious sham

August 29 2012

BURLINGTON, Kan. — Drought conditions are draining a reservoir used to cool the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant, but officials of the eastern Kansas plant say there are no worries about safety or the ability to provide electricity to customers.
Drought raises concern about Kansas nuclear plant | Wichita Eagle

May 07 2012

The government does a poor job of estimating what it will cost to tear down a nuclear reactor, Congressional auditors say, and it may not be overseeing plant owners well enough to assure that they set aside enough money to do the job.

April 28 2012

"The coolant water is keeping the reactor temperatures at a certain level, but that's not even near the goal [of a cold shut down,]" says an engineer working inside the plant. "The fact is, we still don't know what's going on inside the reactors."

March 28 2012

MR. SHARON: This is Brian Sharon. Quick question, well, not question, but I’ve gotten a couple of emails here today, from some of the National Labs, and they’re all — there are a couple of them chomping a the bit, you know, saying, “Ghee, can we help? Ghee, can we go calculate this,” with the codes and all that stuff.

I keep telling them, “No, you don’t know the scenario,” but you know, somebody might want to call DOE and tell them to tell their labs to cool it, because the last thing we want is the labs going off, talking to the press, talking about consequences and all sorts of other stuff, because you know, they’re chomping at the bit, to do something, and I’m not sure, Eliot, maybe you’ve got a point of contact up there at DOE?

MR. BRENNER: I’ll send a note to their Press Secretary, asking him, through his chain, to reach out, down to the labs and tell them to back off. If we’ve got other chains, we might as well –
NRC to National Labs Last Year Who Wanted to Help With Fukushima Radiation Analysis: "Knock It Off" | EXSKF

July 03 2011

Emails detailing how the UK government played down Fukushima show just how cosy it is with the nuclear industry
Fukushima spin was Orwellian | John Vidal | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

July 02 2011


June 30 2011

British government officials approached nuclear companies to draw up a co-ordinated public relations strategy to play down the Fukushima nuclear accident just two days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and before the extent of the radiation leak was known.
Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima | Environment | The Guardian

June 13 2011

The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says radiation levels in one of the reactor buildings remain too high for workers to do their jobs.
Shizuoka — Shizuoka Prefecture told a Tokyo-based mail order company not to say anything on its website about excessive radioactive material being found in tea from the prefecture, the retailer said Friday.
Shizuoka tells tea retailer to conceal radiation info | The Japan Times Online

June 12 2011


Radiation at Fukushima Reactor No. 1 drywell has reached peaks of 200+ Sieverts. Not micro. Not mili.

Radiation at Fukushima Reactor No. 1 drywell has reached peaks of 200+ Sieverts. Not micro. Not mili.

April 29 2011

“The government’s climate commission concluded last autumn that nuclear power is not worthwhile, neither from an environmental nor an economical perspective,” Friis told Politiken newspaper. “Internationally there is no doubt that the renaissance that nuclear power has seen recently is over.”
Fukushima spurs nuclear opposition

April 20 2011


March 31 2011

Photos shown are half-size of the originals. The 10 originals full-size: http://cryptome.org/eyeball/daiichi-npp/daiichi-photos.zip (11.5MB) Dates of photos taken from the EXIF data of the originals, supported by captions and credits later obtained from the Web.
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Hi-Res Photos

March 26 2011

Title : ’Nuclear Ginza’,
Duration: 30 mins
Transmission: 1995
Territory: Worldwide

Through the eyes of a campaigning photographer, this investigative documentary exposes radiation poisoning among workers inside Japan’s nuclear power industry.

"Unfortunately, in Japan, the sad reality is that democracy has been destroyed in the areas where nuclear power exists"
Hello again :-): Nuclear Ginza
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