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October 30 2012


October 19 2012

"There is obviously something wrong with an organisation which presents itself to tell the rest of society what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, what is moral and what is immoral ... should have this sort of most ugly taint and sin within it," he said.
Catholic clergy the worst abusers, inquiry told

CATHOLIC clergy commit six times as much abuse as those in the rest of the churches combined, ''and that's a conservative figure'', a child protection expert says.

October 06 2012


One of the world's most prominent Catholic theologians has called for a revolution from below to unseat the pope and force radical reform at the Vatican.

Hans Küng is appealing to priests and churchgoers to confront the Catholic hierarchy, which he says is corrupt, lacking credibility and apathetic to the real concerns of the church's members.

A SENIOR Victoria Police investigator has told victims of a suspected Catholic paedophile of his ''grave'' concerns that his investigation into their alleged abuser is being derailed and that ''pro-church police members'' may have interfered in his inquiry.

October 05 2012


Prime Minister John Key says he apologises to Kim Dotcom for what he has described as "basic errors" by the Government Communications and Security Bureau, but that has not stopped opposition parties from calling for a more detailed independent inquiry.

In a media conference after the release of the report into unlawful monitoring of Mr Dotcom and an acquaintance, Mr Key said he was "appalled" at the agency, saying it had "failed at the most basic of hurdles."

"Of course I apologise to Mr Dotcom, and I apologise to New Zealanders."

He said New Zealanders were entitled to be protected by the law "and we failed to provide that protection to them."

PM apologises to Dotcom over 'basic errors' - National - NZ Herald News

September 30 2012

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Msgr. Cristobal Garcia has been suspended and stripped of his positions in the archdiocese of Cebu on orders of the Vatican while the Holy See investigates accusations he molested altar boys more than 20 years ago in the United States.
Roman Catholic Church leaders have changed their story about why an internationally prominent priest dropped out of sight this summer. Now they say that the Vatican ordered Monsignor Cristobal Garcia’s suspension from ministry because of sexual abuse allegations, according to the Philippines’ leading newspaper.

September 21 2012

Two faith healers who shunned modern medicine let their 16-year-old son die in agony rather than take him to hospital.

Russell and Brandi Bellew chose to 'pray away' their son's burst appendix instead of getting him emergency help.
Reposted bynobodylikesyouteijakool

September 06 2012

A Los Angeles youth pastor has been arrested and charged with committing lewd acts on a 15-year-old in San Bernardino.
A priest who quit his teaching job at St. Petersburg Catholic High School a decade ago has been arrested in New York on child sex abuse charges.
Former St. Pete Catholic High School priest arrested on sex charges in Massachusetts - Tampa Bay Times

September 05 2012

Maine pastor charged with possessing child porn

August 16 2012


The Vatileaks scandal has been a deeply embarrassing saga for the most senior echelons of the Catholic church, and it is surprising that it has attracted so little attention in Britain. The plight of 46-year-old Gabriele himself, for instance, has shocked Catholic observers. After his arrest he was incarcerated for 50 days, initially in solitary confinement in a cell deep inside the Vatican; then under house arrest in his apartment within the Vatican City State. Despite the Catholic church still using Latin as an official language, it didn't appear to understand habeas corpus. Yet human rights experts barely reacted to what was happening: when my publication, the Tablet, contacted Amnesty International about the butler's situation, it had nothing to say.

Only the LSE's Prof Conor Gearty, writing in the Tablet, pointed out the scandal of it, particularly given how vocal Rome usually is about human rights. But Vatileaks is a much more disturbing episode than just the treatment of one individual. First a television programme, then leaks in the press and eventually a book by the investigative journalist Gianluigi Nuuzi exposed thwarted efforts to deal with corruption within the Vatican City State, which the Catholic church runs.

July 27 2012

THE THREE-TO-SIX-YEAR jail term imposed in Philadelphia on Monsignor William Lynn for covering up child abuse marks an important first and a watershed moment for the Catholic Church, not only in the US but internationally. A court’s willingness for the first time to punish not only priestly abusers, but those who sheltered them, will reverberate through the church, and not least in Ireland where gardaí are still involved in investigating possible charges arising from the Murphy and Ryan reports. The sentence also comes only days after another landmark ruling in the UK courts which has extended church liability for the actions of priests and which is likely also to have important implications for other voluntary organisations.
The church in the dock - The Irish Times - Thu, Jul 26, 2012

July 26 2012


In his role as deputy governor, Archbishop Vigano discovered the Curia were wasting millions of Euros through overpayment of various goods and services – always to the same companies. In a letter dated April 4th 2011, the Archbishop wrote:

“evident situations of corruption: Projects always assigned to the same companies at costs that are double what’s charged outside the Vatican.” (1)


Philadelphia (CNN) -- The highest-ranking Catholic Church cleric charged and convicted in the landmark Philadelphia child sexual abuse trial was sentenced to 3 to 6 years in prison Tuesday.

Monsignor William Lynn, 61, was found guilty in June of one count of child endangerment, the first time a U.S. church leader has been convicted of such a charge.

July 15 2012

VATICAN CITY — Dozens of women who attended a high school run by the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order have urged the Vatican to close the program, saying the psychological abuse they endured trying to live like teenage nuns led to multiple cases of anorexia, stress-induced migraines, depression and even suicidal thoughts.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- The Green Bay Catholic diocese says it's constitutionally protected from liability in a civil lawsuit filed by two victims of clergy abuse.
Green Bay Diocese claims constitutional protection from clergy abuse liability - TODAY'S TMJ4
(CNN) -- A Catholic priest in Waterford, Connecticut, has been charged with possession of child pornography, according to a statement Tuesday from Waterford police.
Connecticut priest charged with possession of child porn - CNN.com
(CNN) -- The Archdiocese of Philadelphia barred two more priests from ministry on Friday amid allegations of child sexual abuse, bringing the tally to nine clergymen banned from the embattled church since May.
Two Philadelphia priests barred amid sexual abuse probe - CNN.com
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